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Quixotic Endeavors

Quixotic Endeavors is a production company based in New York City with a heavy concentration on feature documentary storytelling. The company was originally founded by filmmaker Matthew Miele to facilitate the production of his 2013 breakthrough box office hit, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s.

Released at the nascent stage of the golden era of documentary viewership, Quixotic Endeavors has made several subsequent documentaries weaving their stories with equal parts entertainment, a production value with a keen eye on “spectacle”, as well as the need to have the stories told by A-list talent.

It’s all been beautifully and succinctly recorded for posterity in Matthew Miele’s meticulously written and directed documentary 'Alan Pakula: Going For Truth.' It’s a perfect title, because the truth in every subject he tackled is the thing to which his work and career were dedicated. It’s an affectionate tribute to a beloved man who made a remarkable contribution to the history of movies.

- Rex Reed, Observer

Directed by Matthew Miele and having its world premiere at the Hamptons International Film Festival, “Alan Pakula: Going for Truth” creates a layered portrait of its subject through interviews with actors and others who worked with him.

- Mark Segal, The East Hampton Star

You don’t have to be in vogue to enjoy this stylish ride through Bergdorf’s. It’s a surprise package to die for.

- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Crazy About Tiffany’s sounds more like an advertorial than a documentary, but director Matthew Miele brings a pinch of irony and conflict to this gorgeous waft through the perfumed and bejeweled halls of the world’s most famous jewelry store in New York.

- Kate Muir, The Times

“Always at the Carlyle” is as much a celebration of the longtime staffers (some of whom have worked there for five decades) and their incredible work ethic and loyalty as it is about Jack Nicholson and Naomi Campbell and Mick Jagger lapping up the luxury back in the day.

- Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times

Don’t blink–not even once. That’s the best advice for viewers of the dazzling new documentary Harry Benson: Shoot First.

- Isaac Guzmán, TIME Magazine