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About Quixotic Endeavors

quixotic endeavors

Quixotic Endeavors is a production company based in New York City with a heavy concentration on feature documentary storytelling. The company was originally founded by filmmaker Matthew Miele to facilitate the production of his 2013 breakthrough box office hit, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s.

Riding on the success of Miele’s documentary debut, released at the nascent stage of the golden era of documentary viewership, Quixotic Endeavors has made several subsequent documentaries weaving their stories with equal parts entertainment, a production value with a keen eye on “spectacle”, as well as the need to have the stories told by A-list talent.

Miele has become a highly sought-after director primarily attributed to his ability to be granted access to both illustrious and elusive subjects. Striking a measured balance between being a considerate observer and a trusted insider, Miele has attracted audiences worldwide to his films and their inherent optimism, whimsy, poignancy and charm.